Reform Of Quebec School Boards Myths

Reform Of Quebec School Boards Myths – Bill 86

Reform Of Quebec School Boards Myths – Myth 1

Myth 1: The Minister claims that the main objective of Bill 86 is to give more powers to parents at the heart of a new school governance system.

Fact 1: Bill 86 is a creatively-worded draft law that does little to increase parents’ decision-making powers. The Bill is essentially about management and control; however this control is centralized in the hands of the Minister and government, and not in the hands of parents.

Reform Of Quebec School Boards Myths – Myth 2

Myth 2: The Minister claims that elections to future school councils will still be possible following his reforms.

Fact: The Minister has drastically reduced the ability to hold elections for future school councils. As a result, the proposals in Bill 86 are undemocratic. The new law could give the Minister the authority to dictate what types of community representatives are allowed to sit on school councils, and if and how these representatives are elected by the public.

Reform Of Quebec School Boards Myths – Myth 3

Myth 3: The Minister claims that our minority community rights are protected in Bill 86.

Fact: Our minority community rights are substantially weakened by the proposals in this draft law. The SWLSB routinely delivers top-ranked student success rates, year after year, as a result of our community having a direct say in the management and control of our schools. This right is exercised by all in the election of our school board representatives. This also makes them accountable to us as the electorate.

Reform Of Quebec School Boards Myths – Myth 4

Myth 4: The government is looking to save money by restructuring the school governance system, and will reinvest these savings in our schools.

Fact: The elimination of elected school boards in Quebec is not a cost-saving measure. The administrative costs of school boards are roughly 4.2% of total operating budgets, which compares very favorably to any public or private organization.

Reform Of Quebec School Boards Myths – Myth 5

Myth 5: The Minister implies that his reforms will benefit students and their ability to learn by bringing school administration closer to home.

Fact: The government’s proposals for reform will introduce considerable uncertainty into Quebec’s education system for the foreseeable future. As a result, there is a real risk that Bill 86 will destabilize the policy and programming frameworks that have been put in place, by the SWLSB and other Anglophone school boards, to guarantee student success.

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