EPCA Bill 86 Brief

EPCA Bill 86 Brief – For Hearings

EPCA Bill 86 Brief presented by to the Parliamentary Committee of Culture and Education.

The English Parent’s Committee Association, (EPCA) is a provincial organization representing the Parents’ Committees and Central Parents’ Committees of Quebec’s English school boards. EPCA is a non-profit provincial corporation funded by the government of Quebec.

EPCA Bill 86 Brief – Executive Summary

We acknowledge and appreciated the fact that the government has decided to maintain school boards and the acceptance of their utility in helping coordinate pedagogical delivery of educational services to communities across Quebec. We also appreciate the increase in the number of parent representatives sitting on the new School Board top level governance bodies along with the right to vote as being proposed, but would prefer seeing them occupy a majority membership position.

We also feel the transformation of the universal suffrage model of electing school commissioners to the newly proposed school councils is unnecessarily complicated and does not address or facilitate the fundamental right of citizen engagement in the democratic process.

EPCA Bill 86 Brief – Proven Record of Success

We are part of the English official minority language system that has a proven record of success on many fronts. We question on how the proposed legislation, that focuses primarily on school governance structures, will help improve student success?

EPCA Bill 86 Brief – Greater Consultation Needed

We also feel that prior to introducing such legislation, greater dialogue and consultation was needed. We would have hoped for that greater use of research and data based decision making would have been used for such fundamental changes to our education system. In recent years, we have witnessed successive reductions in financing public schools that have weakened the delivery of programs and incentives for some students to stay on and succeed.

EPCA Bill 86 Brief – Suggestions

We fail to see how the proposed changes in Bill 86 will improve graduation rates and do make some suggestions that, we feel, will impact positively on student success across Quebec. Changes to the education act must not focus on structural organizational changes but rather on finding ways to help teachers and administrators deliver pedagogy that engages students wanting to learn. We also feel that the functioning and collaborative workings of Governing Boards could be improved upon with a greater focus on training.

EPCA Bill 86 Brief – French Speaking Minority Outside Quebec

Lastly, we wish that the elected representatives to the National Assembly be fully cognizant that the proposed legislation could have a negative impact on the delivery of educational services to the French speaking minority outside Quebec. It is imperative that our elected officials take their responsibilities in hand and defend the collective rights of the official linguistic speaking minority in Quebec, so that the French education in the rest of Canada will not suffer.

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